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Works in Progress

Sound Sculpture Sample Pack

I am currently working on a sample library consisting of sounds recorded from various sound sculptures I’ve built as well as some found objects I’ve collected sounds from for sound pieces. The final release will be available in two formats – as archived .WAV files and as an Ableton Live pack using Ableton Sampler which will also include software synthesizer patches for Ableton Operator. The final release will be available for download on this website.



Frank- 12.6.12_Page_1 Frank- 12.6.12_Page_2 Frank- 12.6.12_Page_3 Frank- 12.6.12_Page_4 Frank- 12.6.12_Page_5



A composition experimenting with frequency material derived from brainwave frequency ranges. It was realized using software based synthesizers and the Serge analog modular synthesizer.

electronic realisation score

Modular synth



Sketches_Page_1 Sketches_Page_2

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