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I incorporate many digital technologies in my work and I believe the personal computer can be an important part of the contemporary artist’s technical inventory. It can facilitate the creation of works just as the piano was to the classical composer or the hammer and anvil was to the blacksmith. Part of my ongoing work exploring the computer as an expressive medium involves such projects as the creation of videos, images, GIFs, and sound pieces created by the systematic corruption of file data. In doing so, I exploit the phenomena of the glitch and artifact as they arise as a direct response from encryption data and coding inherent in the computer system.




Cause and Defect: Exercises in Futility

This performance piece originated with idea of transposing minute physical phenomena into larger gestures or social interventions. For example, sometimes when the human body is fatigued or situated in some way that would prevent coordination or balance, certain movements will cause muscles to shake or spasm. This would happen if a muscle is moving slowly in between two points, like between an open or closed fist or when a muscle isn’t fully contracted but isn’t fully relaxed either. I interpreted this occurrence as being the result of the brain relying on binary modes of neural activity (i.e. on versus off, open versus closed, etc.) to control muscles. I thought of this piece as an abstraction of this occurrence within the realm of performance and movement. This piece also draws from surrealism, especially Breton’s “object of symbolic function”, the ideas of Freudian and Marxist fetishism, and psychoanalytic interpretation as these concepts occurred in early surrealist object-making.


Video Installation

This is a piece which explores the concept of the “glitch” and the “artifact”. It develops form on a remote level by alternating between sequences of cellular automata and heavily manipulated video footage.

stills from video 2

stills from video

Video Piece Stills 1 copy
Video Piece Stills 2


GIF Animations

(May take a few minutes for GIFs to load)

(Click GIF to view full size)

Rivera Glitch, 2013
GIF animation


Modulate, 2013
GIF animation


Living Landscape, 2013
GIF animation

ca 7-21-13 full

Disperse, 2013
GIF animation


Pulsate, 2013
GIF animation

(Click GIF to view full size)

Galaxy, 2013
GIF animation






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