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BC-CCM Application Work Samples



The following are the three work samples and scores as requested for my application:

··· Work Sample #1 ········


Parallelism (2015)
Installation, mixed-media kinetic sculpture with analog sound, video, and electronics.


Part of a group show titled Amplitude. Curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter (Wave Farm) at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Brooklyn, NY in April 2015.

The following is the description of the work from the Amplitude show catalog:

Frank Spigner’s kinetic and sculptural work explores alternate histories, the institutionalization/socialization of humans and machines, and the duality of virtuality and actuality. The installation Parallelism reflects social, perceptual, and political themes which include commodity fetishism, surveillance, and anarchism.

Spigner foregrounds exposed circuitry and mechanical parts, the repurposing of audio surveillance bugs and CCTV cameras, and hacked consumer electronics in an aesthetic leveling of the hierarchy between apparatus and object.

Writes Spigner, “In much of my work, I’m interested in creating mechanisms in which electricity, movement, and various forms of energy are constantly transforming via transducers and sensors in real time, allowing interactivity and the controlled introduction of noise at each stage, often employing crude, yet effective analog systems. I try to keep my process and methodologies as transparent as possible. I never mystify or obscure parts of my work or process and I never decorate.”

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For more installation work, go to

··· Work Sample #2 ········


Njordr 1.22 (2015 – )   (Ongoing; Currently under development)
Program,  (Max/MSP/Jitter + JavaScript);
Sonic visualization engine for real-time digital algorithmic video synthesis
Njordr 1.22 still

This program is especially effective for large scale projection in live performance, such as in a recent performance I did for a concert of electroacoustic music at the Columbia Computer Music Center featuring Dana Malseptic on synthesizer and Nathan Bellott on alto sax, using the following setup:

Technical Setup


For more electronics work, go to
For more video related works, go to


··· Work Sample #3 ········

Sublimation of the Transient (Composed in 2011 – this version was recorded in May 2015)
String Quintet (string quartet + double bass)


This performance of my piece, Sublimation of the Transient, was performed by Alex Fortes (Talea ensemble, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Future in REverse), violin; Katie Hyun (Houston Symphony, Dallas Chamber Orchestra), violin; DJ Cheek (Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Cantata Profana), viola; Michael Nicolas (International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Da Capo Chamber Players, Met Chamber Ensemble), cello; Logan Coale (A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra, International Contemporary Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound), bass at The Stone as part of a group concert featuring the work of Purchase College alumni and current students titled ‘SUNY Purchase Composer’s Portrait’, curated by Suzanne Farrin, including works by other composers such as Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, Matt Sandahl, and others.

sublimationofthetransient notes

Performance Notes

sublimationofthetransient copy


Event poster:
the stone poster

For more music, go to, or go to my Soundcloud page here

··· Score Samples ········

The following is a small selection of scores illustrating a range of different media, instrumentation, and notational practices:

Sublimation of the Transient – string quintet (string quartet+double bass) (2011)

Sadhak – piano & electronics (2012)

Composition for Serge – Serge synthesizer (2015)

(untitled sextet) – alto flute, percussion, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello, double bass (2012)

Tactus (excerpt) – electronics (2013)

Synchromy no. 1 – trombone, flute, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass (2009)

For more scores (and recordings), go to
For electronic compositions, go to

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